waterworks energyWaterworks Energy

Mini and Micro power stations (50 to 300 kW) installed inside existing water networks to exploit the pressure of water for the production of energy.
Secondary use of natural resources permits a boost in profitability of water supply networks, with small investments and quick returns.
Small power plants can be fundamental for the development of small and marginal communities which are not fully connected to major infrastructure networks.
In summary, small investment quick returns.



zero emissionGreen Build

Green Build by EQO Project offers holistic solutions for the conception, planning and construction of sustainable building projects. Our architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space. Our sustainable design arises from the aim to solve multiple problems with a simple solution based on the principles of eco-minimalism.


turning-leaf1Turning Leaf

Based upon the increasing numbers of obesity & diabetes cases, Turning Leaf is a project that is designed to address this social economic challenges.
Turning Leaf will be state of the art Centres, leveraging new technologies, adopting an overarching & integrated approach to health, exercise, food & diet, taking people on a journey to ‘turn over a new leaf’.
It is planned to provide two service plans; local people from immediate communities travelling to the Centre on a daily basis or people wishing to enjoy a period away from the normal life to fully embrace the change.


greenhouse_powerGreenhouse Power

Requalification of existing greenhouses for the production of flower plants by changing the energy source.
Energy used for heating is one of the major components of the production costs for flowers and small plants. By changing the energy source from gas to biomass and with a clever use of incentive schemes for the reduction of fossil carbon Dioxide emissions, there will be a direct & immediate bottom line impact for businesses.
Another, small investment big return project.