Turning Leaf is a technical & commercial solution developed by EQO Project to address the social & economic impacts of the “time-bomb” for obesity & overweight in adults & in children:

In terms of a technical solution, it is a conferencing programme to increase awareness, a clinic, a research centre, an education centre, you can look along the breadth of the supply, a chain to develop healthy food provision, exploiting the latest techniques & technologies of the actuality.
Turning Leaf contains a development programme to attract both public & private investment over the life cycle of the project. The ambition is to start conferencing with Health Ministers & medical fraternities to increase the awareness into the social & economic impacts.
The aim is to allow people to “Turn over a new leaf” in their life and give support to governments in targeting medical services that will result in better health & prosperity.

Turing Leaf has positive economic & social impacts due to:
  • Improvements in the quality of life of the local communities
  • Production of scientific breakthrough for local medicine
  • A direct benefit in increasing the number of jobs through the length of the supply chain and the development of further entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Agricultural industries & competencies
  • Economically, it has a positive impact on GNP, GDP & DFI


The project offers a 360° health and wellness experience to residential and day care members:

Exclusive areas with maximum privacy and discretion, and also selected services to the public that open the structure to its environment.
Four main areas are the Medical Service Centre, Sports & Wellness, Education & Research and the Hospitality suite, which is connected to high quality Organic and Healthy Food Suppliers:

Turning Leaf Concept

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