Green Build by EQO Project offers holistic solutions for the conception, planning and construction of sustainable building projects based on the following objectives:

  • All planning aims to establish a sustainable social and economic development.
  • Design solutions are based on respect for the background and needs of all stakeholders, users and residents.
  • Empathic approach and positive association between men and the built environment are leading to objects and structures that interact with the feelings and attitudes of the users and residents.
  • Principles of active design encourage greater physical movement and live recreation.
  • Layouts propose adaptable concepts based on the needs of the investors.
  • High-end functionality based on renewable energy for all building sectors: ventilation, light, contact to natural environment, artistic vision, services, didactic objects, information and entertainment.
  • Sustainability and conservation of resources through preservation, reconstruction, restoration, ecological modernisation and activation of historic building structures. Re-use and recycling of construction materials and building fabrics.
  • Heritage of local and regional art of construction and building leads to empathic and modern architecture.