Waterworks Energy by EQO Project offers services and solutions for the planning and construction of hydroelectric plants:
  • Hydraulic and geological analysis
  • Sizing and design of power stations, water intake works, drains and conduits
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Mitigation and compensation works
  • Design of rural aqueducts integrated with hydroelectric power production and pipelines for irrigation.
  • Monitoring of the activity, of the production level and of possible failures or malfunctioning

The expertise provided by our network includes the choice of the most appropriate technology for each plant, which allows the highest possible production capacity both for plants connected to the main grid and for stand-alone plants serving small rural communities or operations that are isolated from the grid.

Waterworks Energy by EQO Project can also provide support for the design of

  • drinking water distribution networks
  • low-energy-consumption water treatment plants
  • management systems for irrigation networks.

The aim is to satisfy all the needs of water management in a comprehensive manner to minimise water waste and environmental impact.