Recent activities in hydropower generation:
  • Design of an hydroelectric plant in Val Susa, 250 kWh
  • Design of an hydroelectric plant Mattie, 170 kWh (in cooperation with  Studio Frosio)
  • Design of an hydroelectric plant in Valpellice (Piedmont, Italy), 25 kWh
  • Design of an electrical substation for the connection of the Italian and Swiss grids in Re (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Feasibility study for an 50 kWh plant in Gurro (Piedmont, Italy), integrated with the local aqueduct
  • Project for the request of concession renewal for a 1700 kWh hydro-power plant in Lucerne (Switzerland)
  • Geological and environmental assessment for the realisation of an hydro power plant in Massiola (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Environmental impact evaluation for the realisation of hydro power plants in the Swiss Alps – several projects for plants ranging from 80 to 1800 kWh.
  • Environmental reclamation after the realisation of a hydro power plant in Santa Maria Maggiore (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Mini Hydro Plants in the in the Republic of Ghana: Feasibility study for 8 sites in the Volta region at Dayi, Nuboi, Tsatsadou, Menu and Afife
Recent activities in forest-hydric regime
  • Maintenance scheme for the lower hydrographical grid: several projects: Valle di Susa, Valle Cannobina, Val Chisone, Val Germanasca, Italy
  • Hydraulic engineering and river-bank defence works on the Ticino River, Ticino, Switzerlan
  • Renovation of the river-bank defence on 3 rivers in Val Ceronda, Piedmont, Italy
  • Hydraulic engineering in Rio della Rossa, Condove, Piedmont, Italy
Recent activities in water networks
  • Geological assessment of the aqueduct of the Cannobina Valley (Piedmont, Italy), including the determination of the safeguard zones around the intake works and water springs
  • Determination of the safeguard zones for the water springs during the renovation works of the water network in Cannero (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Reactivation of the adduction canals for the Coazza Irrigation Consortium
  • Reorganisation of the irrigation network: several projects in the Alps
  • Geological analysis of the thermal springs in Cannobio e Craveggio (Italy)
  • Water management design of irrigation network in Bussoleno di Susa (Italy)