EQO Project determined the potential of hydroelectric power production and the development of mini-hydro plants for 8 sites in the Volta region in Ghana:

  • Hohoe Reservoir, Dayi river
  • Lipke Kukurantumi, Dayi river
  • Wli Falls, Nuboi river
  • Tsatsudo Falls, Tsadudo river
  • Dodi Papase, Asukawkaw river
  • Ahamasu 1, Asukawkaw river
  • Ahamasu 2, Asukawkaw river
  • Menusu, Menu river
  • Afife dam, Klipka river

The preliminary study consists in:

  • the determination of the amount of the monthly average flow rate for the single analysed river
  • the identification of the usable flow rate for the production of electricity
  • the identification of the type of the equipment to use
  • the approximate costs for the construction of the single plant and the economic analysis of the plant
Ghana Waterworks Energy: preliminary study completed
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