EQO Project has completed Turning Leaf’s next project phase and compiled the preliminary study to showcase the venture to partners, stakeholders and  investors in Bahrain and in the GCC.
The study deepens the medical concept that specifies the core of the Turning Leaf project, refines the architecture and design principles with regards to varying project settings in the GCC and writes out a detailed investment proposition to provide a wider base for decision-making. Main topics of the study are

  • The Need for Turning Leaf: cause analysis and solution statement about obesity and diabetes in the GCC
  • The Threat of Obesity and Diabetes in the GCC: background information and situation analysis
  • Main Complications of Obesity and Diabetes: abstract of medical knowledge base
  • Prevention, Training, Therapy and Rehabilitation: introduction to the Turning Leaf concept
  • Health Care, Medical Proposition: specification of Turning Leaf’s target group, the therapeutic approach and treatmet concept.
  • Architecture & Design: introducing Turning Leaf’s adaptable concept and organisation, its observance of privacy and discretion, the distinctive empathic embodiment and the implementation of the Active Design principles
  • Sustainable Investment Proposition: competition and stakeholder analysis, operational expediture & revenue assumption, business development planning and investment payback curve

Continuative meetings with stakeholders are ongoing in 2015 the implementation of design engineering, medical plan and investment plan are ready to initiate.

Turning Leaf Project: Preliminary Study completed
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