Project Partners:
    • Fabrizio Breganni
      Fabrizio has many years of advisory work to government on a variety of sustainable topics such as farming science, economic development programmes, urban zone planning and territorial protection. Fabrizio is professionally & academically recognised as both an Agronomist & Architect, he brings to the team competences to develop, detail and successfully deliver projects around sustainable concepts.


    • Urs Plank
      Urs, thanks to its experience, expertise and knowledge in the field of architecture and urban planning (renovation and restoration of historic buildings, design of living spaces, bioclimatic architecture) allows the team to develop and implement projects which are environmentally friendly and socially sustainable.


    • Anas Shaar
      Anas professional experiences gained on a range of projects from industrials to privatisation, specialising in financial management, investor relations with both private & industrial investors, provide the cornerstone to successful project finance. Furthermore, Anas brings to the team many years of expertise in working in the Middle East, forthright commercial management & a drive for success.


    • Andrew Sharp
      Andrew’s professional background in management consulting & programme management provide the backbone for successful development strategies. Andrew brings to the team programme and commercial management expertise, gained through managing projects on behalf of senior government officials, Executives & Equity owners in real estate, financial services & energy sectors.


External Expertise:
    • Dr. Günter Baitsch
      emeritus chief physician, Bad Säckingen, Germany





    • Stephen Harrison Mirfield
      RCSI, Bahrain



    • Alberto Mangione and Fabrizio Lozia
      Medyblu, Italy


    • Marwan G. Mansur
      United Arab Emirates


    • Dr. Frank Mayer and Serge Calfa
      MH-Dubai, United Arab Emirates




    • Deeplnder Singh Chharwal
      Medex, Bahrain



    • Mohammad Qadura
      Ershaad, United Arab Emirates