EQO Project is pleased to launch the Turning Leaf project: a fully integrated preventative approach to address the GCC challenge of overweight, obesity & manage diabetes.

How is it different? As an approach it is unique, it simultaneously addresses symptoms and underlining causes; attitude & habits, exercise, diet with frequent monitoring and extensive peer pressure to bring about sustainable change for its members. As a business, it exploits a significant GCC industry gap as there are no competitive consolidated structures offering preventative services.

How will it work? Turning Leaf is open for men, women and children, you are a member of a community or club, where people share a similar goal, profit from personalized programmes and use the many facilities & resources of the centre to achieve a behavioural change.

What innovation is used? Turning Leaf is synonymous with innovation, leveraging organic foods, healthy restaurants, hi-tech exercise equipment, state of the art technology for member monitoring & measurement, mini mall with bio shops, etc.How do I relate to this? We have prepared a 2 page flyer which outlines the concept & opportunity for strategic partners, co-developers & investors.

We are looking for people or organizations who can bring significant value to this opportunity. Contact us on info@eqoproject.co.uk

EQO Project launches Turning Leaf
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