EQO Project recently launched turning leaf project, aimed at addressing the GCC’s growing problem of obesity, overweight and diabetes.

 Turning Leaf is a state of the art centre offering preventative services to its members. EQO Project is interested to discuss with Individuals or companies who have experiences, expertise and competencies in the following areas with the idea to define a Memorandum of Understanding (i.e. MOU) to describe the exact type of cooperation with:

  • Dieticians
  • Physiologists
  • Wellness Consultants
  • Eating Disorders Consultants
  • Physiotherapists
  • Homeopathic Treatment Consultants
  • Bio food producers

We are keen to attract the ‘best in class’ in order to establish Turning Leaf as the highest quality preventative GCC centres. Send your contacts and credentials to info@eqoproject.co.uk

Turning Leaf Project: Business Opportunities
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